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Livermore Valley Wineries

Bent Creek Winery
5455 Greenville Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.455.6320
Specializing in small batch, finely crafted wines Bent Creek Winery offers varietals from syrah to cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay directly from their Livermore valley vineyard. Also, Bent Creek Winery crafts a fine Central Coast petite syrah and chardonnay. Their tasting room is open Friday to Sunday from 12pm to 4:30pm.

Big White House
6800 Greenville Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.449.1976
Featuring hand crafted boutique wines, Big White House puts extra time and individual attention into each of their small batch varietals in order to maximize character and smoothness. Although this Livermore winery does not grow most of the grapes used, Big White House carefully chooses grapes from other vineyards that will accentuate their finesse craft process. The tasting room is open Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4:30pm.

BoaVentura De Calres Winery
9309 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.606.9672
This Livermore winery resides on five acres that encompass three distinct microclimates that produces grapes of varying character, richness and complexity. BoaVentura De Calres Winery features full bodied, hand crafted wines melding the best of both Californian and Italian technique to capture distinct aspects of each varietals they produce. The BoaVentura De Calres winery is available by appointment and their facilities are also a favorite spot for weddings, banquets and special events.

Bodegas Aguirre Winery
8580 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.251.9419
Specializing in estate grown premium red wines, Bodegas Aguirre Winery produces low yield crops of extremely high quality grapes from their Livermore vineyard. Bodegas Aguirre Winery meticulously crafts their grapes into complex wines featuring a signature petite syrah, cabernet sauvignon, Bordeaux varietals and other special blends. Their Livermore winery tasting room is complimentary and open on the weekends from 12pm to 4pm and by appointment.

Cedar Mountain Winery
7000 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.373.6636
Producing 4,000 cases annually of estate chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon with smaller batches of merlot, duet and zinfandel, Cedar Mountain Winery specializes in primarily Livermore valley grown and produced wines that are all aged in fine oak casks. Also, this family run Livermore winery produces small batches of nationally recognized port wines. The tasting room at Cedar Mountain Winery is open weekly from 11am to 3pm and during the weekends from 12pm to 4pm.

Choulnard Vineyards
33853 Palomares Rd., Castro Valley, California; Tel. 510.582.9900
Choulnard Vineyards specializes in small batch eclectic wines that many other wineries in the Livermore valley do not produce. Their varietals selection ranges from a crisp California champagne, old vine zinfandel, petite syrah, alcante bouschet and an amazing orange Muscat. The tasting room at Choulnard Vineyards is open on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm and reservations are available for special events.

Concannon Vineyard
4590 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.456.2505 or 800.258.9866
Concannon Vineyard has been producing superb wines from their Livermore valley winery for over 120 years and continues to craft award winning varietals. Concannon was the first winery to produce the engaging petite syrah varietal in 1961 and is internationally recognized for this particular wine. Concannon Vineyard's estate grown wines are available in their tasting room weekly from 11am to 4:30pm.

Crooked Vine Winery
4948 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.371.8156
The dedication to Livermore valley wines and winemaking is wholly evident in every bottle from the Crooked Vine Winery. While producing small lot varietals that embody the unique characteristics of each grape, Crooked Vine Winery accurately portrays the distinctiveness of the Livermore wine region. Their tasting room is open daily from 11am to 4:30pm to visit and enjoy their artistry.

Cuda Ridge Wines
7878 Cedar Mountain Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 510.304.0914
Cuda Ridge Wines is a small, family-owned California winery located in Livermore. This boutique winery produces approximately 300 cases of handcrafted, small lot wines of Bordeaux style using fruit from premiere vineyards in Livermore Valley. Recent releases of note include the 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2005 Cabernet Franc and 2005 Merlot. The Cabernet Sauvignon has hints of cherries, cola and vanilla on the palate with a lasting finish, and the Cabernet Franc and Merlot feature blends of an old world style. This Livermore winery warmly welcomes guests interested in wine tasting. Open by Appointment and Special Events.

Eckert Estate Winery
2400 Arroyo Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.371.8606
Eckert Estate Winery produces small batch eclectic hand crafted wines from traditional Italian and Rhone varietals, many of which other wineries don't offer. This Livermore valley winery produces around 2500 cases annually and also offers a fine selection of homemade olive oil produced from their on vineyard olive trees. Eckert Estate's complimentary wine tasting room is on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm and is available during the week by appointment.

El Sol Vineyard
8626 Lupin Way, Livermore, California; Tel. 925.606.1827
El Sol Vineyard began in 2002 with 12 small lots that began producing red varietals crafted in traditional fashion. This Livermore winery started with cabernet sauvignon, merlot, zinfandel barbera and syrah, with their 2003 vintage branching out into the likes of cabernet franc and tempranillo. Tastings at El Sol Vineyard, from both bottle and barrel, are offered daily from 12pm to 3:30pm by appointment only.

Elliston Vineyards
463 Kilkare Rd., Sunol, California; Tel. 925.862.2377
A quaint boutique winery, Elliston Vineyards has one of the longest grape growing histories in the Livermore valley with the first vines being planted in 1890 and producing hand crafted varietals under the Elliston name since 1983. Their tasting room is open on the weekends from 11am to 5pm and the historic mansion at Elliston Vineyards is available for special events when they are not hosting one of their exquisite wine makers dinners.

Fenestra Winery
83 Vallecitos Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.447.5246
The Fenestra Winery dates back to the 19th century when the original owner planted vineyards on the property. Today Fenestra Winery carries on that tradition by producing award-winning varietals that differ in characteristics and complexity with each vintage year. At this Livermore winery one can sample from their eclectic selection in Fenestra's tasting room on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm and be personally greeted and joined in a glass by the owners.

Garre Vineyards and Winery
7986 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.371.8200
Comprised of both a restaurant and winery, Garre Vineyards and Winery produces a wide selection of varietals that are paired expertly by their knowledgeable staff with their cuisine. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner while the Garre Vineyards tasting room is open on the weekends from 11am to 5pm and by appointment.

John Christopher Cellars
5143 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.872.5078
John Christopher Cellars aims at producing full-bodied red wines along with an exclusive Livermore valley chardonnay created by their winemaker. Decidedly, John Christopher Cellars' main focus is on their petite syrah while also crafting other red varietals. This Livermore winery's products are available for tasting at the Tesla Vintners community wine tasting room, Tuesdays through Sundays from 11am to 4:30pm.

La Rochelle Winery
5443 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.456.2357
The La Rochelle Winery produces a variety of Burgundy varietals specializing in their award-winning pinot noir. This Livermore winery sources fruit from over twenty sites including Monterey County that produces most of their pinot noir grapes while also utilizing La Rochelle Winery's other sites to create their distinctive wines. Their tasting room is open daily from 12pm to 4:30pm to sample their excellent small production wines.

Little Valley
5143 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.862.9006
Located in the Tesla Vintners tasting room, Little Valley winery features handcrafted wines from small family vineyards. Each varietal is produced and cellared in limited lots to preserve the unique characteristics of the grape and to enhance the distinctive flavors that vary with each vintage year. The tasting room at Tesla Vintners is open from Tuesdays through Sundays from 11am to 4:30pm.

Livermore Valley Cellars (LVC)
1508 Wetmore Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.454.9463
Livermore Valley Cellars focuses on small lots and unusual varietals crafted in ways to allow the full range of flavors and characteristics of each grape to be realized. LVC's white varietals range from a distinct Livermore valley chardonnay to sauvignon blanc and their red varietals span unique and hard to produce grapes such as petite syrah, mouvedre, allcante bouschet and cabernet franc. Come and sample LVC's passionate commitment to great winemaking in their tasting room open on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm.

Mitchell Katz Winery at Ruby Hill
1188 Vineyard Ave., Pleasanton, California; Tel. 925.931.0744
Winemaking is a family tradition at Mitchell Katz Winery and their passion shows through in every bottle produced with over 7500 cases of boutique varietals going out a year. This Livermore winery's complimentary tasting room is open on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm and one can also stop by Mitchell Katz Winery on Fridays from 12pm to 6pm.

Murrieta's Well
3005 Mines Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.456.2392
At just 92 acres, Murrieta's Well recalls the classic wine estates of the world and their commitment to old world style field blends in unsurpassed in the Livermore valley. The rich soil at Murrieta's Well winery produces unique varietals with complex characteristics and solid distinctiveness. Sampling of all their wines is available in Murrieta's Well winery tasting room Wednesday through Sunday 11am to 4:30pm.

Page Mill Winery
1960 Livermore Ave., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.456.7676
Begun in 1976, Page Mill Winery just recently moved its operation to the Livermore valley and, while utilizing appellations from across California, most of their grape varietals are grown there. Two of Page Mill Winery's signature and most popular wines are the Bien Nacido Pinot Noir and the Sleepy Holler Syrah that can be found in restaurants and wine shops across California. The tasting room at this Livermore winery is open on the weekends from 11am to 4:30pm and through appointment.

Retzlaff Vineyards
13565 Livermore Ave., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.447.8941
A pure estate winery, Retzlaff Vineyards uses its own grapes grown without fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides to produce its fine wines. They have both red and white varietals at this Livermore winery that fully reflect Retzlaff Vineyard's specific microclimate. Their tasting room is open Tuesday through Friday from 12pm to 2pm and on the weekends from 12pm to 4:30pm.

Rios-Lovell Estate Winery
6500 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.443.0434
Rios-Lovell Estate Winery is a premier small winery in the Livermore valley that produces award-winning wines in a range of varietals. Also, this Livermore winery has as large special event center at their main house or the surrounding grounds that is a favorite destination spot for large gatherings or intimate respites. The tasting room at Rios-Lovell Estate Winery is open Wednesdays through Fridays 12pm to 3pm and on the weekends from 11am to 5pm.

Rodrigue-Molyneaux Winery
3053 Marina Ave., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.447.4280
The Rodrigue-Molyneaux Winery is a family run operation that specializes in traditional Tuscan winemaking practices producing complex full-bodied wines. The excellent selection of red varietals at this Livermore valley winery range from a robust sangiovese to barbera to cabernet sauvignon. The Rodrigue-Molyneaux Winery's fine selection of Tuscan reds are available in their tasting room Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

Stony Ridge Winery
4948 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.449.0458
Stony Ridge Winery, like many of their Livermore valley brethren, produces interesting and eclectic wines in unusual varietals like oroblanco and malvasia blanca along with more traditional wines like cabernet sauvignon and a distinct Livermore chardonnay. The tasting room at Stony Ridge is open Thursday through Sunday from 11am to 4:30pm and was voted as one of the best in the Livermore valley by the Tri-Valley Herald.

Tamas Estates
5443 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.456.2380
Tamas Estates produces Italian styled varietals, utilizing traditional Italian winemaking techniques, and California varietals from its Livermore valley winery. Known for their quality and approachability, Tamas Estates offers premium wines at competitive prices for the veteran wine drinker and for ones just starting to gain knowledge of the grape. The tasting room of this Livermore valley winery is open daily from 12pm to 4:30pm.

Tenuta Vineyards
633 Kalthoff Commons, Livermore, California; Tel. 925.960.1006
Tenute Vineyards uses only Livermore valley grown grapes to produce their small batch boutique wines. Their handcrafted varietals at Tenuta Vineyards include a traditional Livermore valley chardonnay and a distinct estate pinot noir along with other California varietals and blends. The tasting room at Tenuta Vineyards is open on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm and by appointment.

The Singing Winemaker
5143 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.606.9463
The Singing Winemaker is the newest addition to the Livermore valley winemaking family producing its first released wine in 2005 and if that varietal was any indication, this Livermore winery will become a very welcomed addition. The Singing Winemaker's owner Steve Powell can be found at the Tesla Vintners' community tasting room guiding visitors through his wines and serenading them with his guitar. Tasting occurs Tuesday through Sunday 11am to 4:30pm.

The Steven Kent Winery
5443 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.456.2357
The Steven Kent Winery produces small lot, hand crafted premium cabernet and chardonnay varietals that are really in the upper echelon of wines produced from the Livermore valley. The tasting room at the Steven Kent Winery is open daily from 12pm to 4:30pm where one can sample their latest vintage.

Thomas Coyne Winery
51 E. Vallecitos Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.373.6541
The Thomas Coyne Winery, a family owned and operated Livermore valley winery, produces award-winning Rhone varietals and is also known for making a distinctive merlot. Their historic site is open for tasting on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm and Thomas Coyne wines are also available at the Tesla Vintners community tasting room.

Wente Vineyards
5565 Tesla Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.456.2305
The anchor of the Livermore valley winemaking community, Wente Vineyards has grown steadily over the years to include over 3,000 acres, a corporate event center, a restaurant and a championship golf course, but their passion is and will always remain with their wine. Wente Vineyards produces many estate grown varietals and their historic Livermore valley tasting room is open daily from 11am to 4:30pm. In addition, the restaurant at Wente Vineyards is open for both lunch and dinner.

Westover Winery
34329 Palomares Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 510.537.3932
The Westover Winery offers Livermore valley's largest selection of champagne and wines along with an extensive selection of ports and sherry from their Palomares Vineyards. The facilities at Westover Winery also include a full service spa and an event center that's available for corporate events and special occasions. The tasting room at this Livermore valley winery is open Tuesday through Friday 1pm to 4pm and on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm.

White Crane Winery
5405 Greenville Rd., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.455.8085
White Crane Winery encompasses a beautiful 12-acre property overlooking the Livermore valley and they produce premium estate wines of the cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay varietals. Also, White Crane Winery is home to the Vineyard in at Crane Ridge, an upscale bed and breakfast retreat. The tasting room at this Livermore valley boutique winery is open Friday through Sunday from 12pm to 4:30pm and by appointment.

Wood Family Vineyards
7702 Cedar Mountain Dr., Livermore, California; Tel. 925.606.7411
This family owned and operated Livermore valley winery creates handcrafted small lot batches of premium estate merlot from the Wood Family Vineyards' venerable One Oak Vineyard. The Wood Family Vineyard also produces other wine varietals utilizing grapes from other Livermore valley vineyards. Although their tasting facilities are not regularly open to the public, the Wood Family Vineyards is open for scheduled events and by appointment.

—Livermore Valley Wine Country winery reviews by Ryan Osterbeck

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